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About FrontierWorks

Who We Are

FrontierWorks is an international, trans-denominational apostolic ministry serving movements and movement leaders in fuelling revival in the nations.

Founded in Singapore in 2000, It has established numerous Bible schools, churches and mission initiatives across Asia, and trained thousands of shepherds and believers around the world to lay hold of the power of the Gospel and to extend God’s kingdom reign on earth.

Our Mission

We disciple nations by empowering believers to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to ignite kingdom transformations across the world.

Who We Serve

  • Believers, so that they are empowered to walk in their calling and move with God in His purpose
  • Pastors and Church Leaders, so that they are equipped to bring their people and communities into transformational encounters with Jesus Christ, first through a clear understanding of the Gospel
  • Marketplace Leaders, so that they understand their pivotal roles and to extend God’s Kingdom reign in their arenas of influence

Core Teaching Themes

  • Rediscovering the Gospel, the finished work of Jesus Christ
  • Living the Gospel, the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit
  • Demonstrating the Gospel, moving in healing and miracles
  • The Kingdom of God, living for the emergent Kingdom
  • Understanding the End-Times, partnering with God for the end-times harvest
  • Fatherhood of God & Sonship of Believers, knowing our identity and understanding God’s heartbeat

Our Partners

As a ministry transcending international borders and denominational lines, we partner with diverse churches and ministries.

FrontierWorks International is the distributor of resources and teaching materials featured on this website.

About this Website

This website serves as a platform to connect like-minded believers across denominational and national borders to work together. Resources are provided here to equip believers, shepherds and marketplace leaders for Kingdom living.