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The Power of Testimonies Series

Testimonies are a relational, unintimidating way for us to share and others to hear about what God has done in our lives. These stories are powerful tools to help people believe in the reality of God- and paves the way for the miracle to occur yet again. In this 2-part…
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Kingdom Economy Series

God intended for every one of us to live with no lack, fully provided for according to His riches. However, if we are unaware of how the present economic system is run, we may unwittingly be caught in the two Babylonian traps meant to enslave the world: debt and interest.…
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Kingdom Dominion Restored Series

When we believe the lies the devil tells us, we're empowering the enemy. Thankfully, Jesus's life, death, and resurrection restored this lost dominion to us. Now, we have both the authority and power to bring tangible manifestation of our Father's Kingdom here on earth. Learn about the primary ways the…
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Saint Arise! Series

Only two billion people out of the world's population of 7.5 billion profess to be Christian, and even fewer are genuinely born again. Somewhere along the way, we've relegated ministry to a select few clergymen -- or "professional" Christians, if you will. Yet this was never how God intended the…
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Thriving By The Word Series

When the Israelites wandered the wilderness for 40 years, they knew they weren't living out God's best for them. But before they could walk into their destiny, they realized that they had to change their hearts and minds. Likewise, we too must change if we want to experience the fullness…
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From Church To Kingdom Community Series

There's a huge disconnect between the way we currently do church and the way that God naturally designed our spiritual communities to grow. The world's population has increased rapidly -- and yet at present, the church as a whole is unequipped to deal with the coming harvest of souls. But…
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Angels, Our Kingdom Co-labourers Series

Biblical history tells us that with every significant shift in season, God sent angels to work alongside us and help us. As we move into the age of His kingdom reign, there'll be an exponential increase in angelic activity. But having this assistance also means we have a vital role…
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Soul Food For True Prosperity

A prosperous soul is one whose all three parts of soul – thoughts, emotions and will - are in alignment with God’s truths. The prosperity of our soul leads to prosperity in all other areas of our lives. And this prosperity comes from knowing God, and feeding our soul with…
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Supernatural Provision

We learned about a loving Father, who cares for the mundane details in our lives, when we saw how Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding. Our Jehovah Jireh's lavish love for us is further demonstrated by His provision of the seed meant for sowing. 2 Cor 9:8-10 teaches…
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Prospering In The Midst of Famine

This message explores the nature and promise of God to prosper His people in the midst of famine. Drawing from scripture, Rev John unveils how God will position His people to receive the transfer of wealth (Proverbs 13:22), and share practical steps in our everyday living to receive God’s promise…
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The Star Search

We may be familiar with the biblical story of the Three Wise Men and their search for infant Jesus. The parallel to the story from two thousand years ago is that God is on a search for the hearts of men, having initiated reconciliation with Man through sending His Son…
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