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Our heart is to make the truths and revelations in these messages accessible to as many people as possible. Share these resources with your friends so they can be blessed!

The Kingdom Agenda Series

There is no vacuum in the spirit: whatever is not part of God's kingdom is subject to the influence of the enemy. For all of creation to be restored, we must bring every part of earthly society back into alignment with the kingdom of heaven. Learn about the vital role…
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The Antioch Mandate Series

In the Book of Acts, Jesus instructed the disciples to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. Yet the early disciples seemed to encounter many barriers to fulfilling this command, and it took a Gentile church to break these barriers. Taking the Antioch church…
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Jesus is The Healer

We were designed to live in divine health and wholeness. Sadly, with the entrance of sin, many suffer from sicknesses and diseases. The good news is that not a single area of human brokenness -- not even a broken heart -- is out of the reach of Jesus's compassion and…
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The Peace that Jesus Gives

True peace is not fleeting; it operates even in the middle of a storm. When we follow Jesus, He gives us a peace that'll reign even in the midst of trouble. However, we do have a role to play in this. Learn how to be led by peace as we…
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Love Looks Like Jesus

Jesus is love personified. When we love the way Jesus does, the world can't help but sit up and take notice. Let us seek a greater revelation of His love -- that we may yield to Him and allow Him to love others through us.
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A Deeper Knowledge of God

Having an intimate knowledge of God is the peak of human pleasure. This is what we were designed for from the beginning. Sadly, it's all too easy to lose sight of this and get caught up in the other pursuits of life. Let's get back to our core purpose: an…
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Empowered to Serve

We're about to see the greatest harvest of souls in the history of mankind. Of course, we're not passive viewers of this global stirring; rather, we're to actively partner with God in revealing His kingdom. Learn how servanthood is the key to demonstrating the reality of God to those around…
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Empowered by the Holy Spirit

The clash of kingdoms, the battles between ethnic groups, the rising of false prophets, and a worldwide increase in natural disasters -- all these things point to a global shaking. Yet underpinning all of this is a divine narrative: God is awakening His people to proclaim His kingdom through signs,…
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Immanuel – God with Us

In Him, we live and move and exist. We were designed to be connected with God, and we thrive in His presence. The flip side of that is that when we're disconnected from Him in any area of our lives, we see the devastating effects of sin. But the Father…
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The Power of Testimonies

Testimonies are a relational, unintimidating way for us to share and others to hear about what God has done in our lives. These stories are powerful tools to help people believe in the reality of God- and paves the way for the miracle to occur yet again. Learn practical tips…
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Living in the Kingdom

What is the Kingdom? Since this Kingdom is the central theme of all of Jesus's preaching and teaching, it's vital that we understand what it is and the mandate that comes with it. Learn about what the Kingdom of God looks like and what His will for us is.
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The Blood Covenant Series

Covenants, or sacred agreements, were a part of life in ancient times and in the Scripture. Our God is a covenant-maker and a covenant-keeper. Discover the most significant covenant He made with a man, and its implications for today and eternity. Understanding the blood covenant we have in Christ --…
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