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Sermon Topic Kingdom Living

The Blessing Of Honour And Obedience

God consistently challenges us to cultivate a lifestyle of honour, especially in the midst of a culture of pervasive dishonour and disrespect. Honouring and obeying the people that God has placed in our lives is akin to honouring and obeying God Himself. Looking at King Saul and David as examples,…
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Return To First Love

When we lose our love and affection for God and things of God, we have left our first love. God desires for us to come back -- but how do we return to our first love? We do so by remembering God and His manifold goodness in our lives, and…
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Spirituality In Mundanity Series

We sometimes imagine that being spiritual means receiving amazing visions, seeing wondrous miracles through our hands, or preaching anointed sermons. What we may not realise is that when we walk with Him in every aspect of our lives, we will live lives that are naturally supernatural. Learn how to perform…
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Living The Abundant Life

The moment God created man, He placed us in an environment of abundance: the Garden of Eden. But when sin came in, so did lack and toil. Jesus came not only to restore us to that original life of abundance, but He also raised us up with Him -- and…
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A Matter Of Honour

After the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father, hundreds of thousands of people turned up to pay their final respects at the Parliament House. They felt compelled to do so, in light of everything that he did for the country. But what does it mean to pay respects,…
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Rediscover Grace

Is grace only unmerited favour? Or is there more? Rev John shows us a more complete picture of grace from how God parented Adam and how we naturally parent our children. Having an accurate understanding of grace will set us up for a thriving Christian life.
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Walk In The Light

It takes holy guts to stand for truth and do what is right, especially as darkness and deception escalate. We must decide if we will participate in darkness or not. It can be a painful decision, but walking in the light puts us in the zone of God's protection and…
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Living Godly In An Ungodly Age

The Bible calls us the salt of the earth. We are responsible to reveal the heart of God to our world. Unfortunately, Christians have done a good job of obscuring it. Our first call is to preach the Gospel with our whole lives, because the Gospel has the power to…
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The Life Of Conquest

We are to live life constantly growing and advancing in our Promised Land: this is the life that God has designed us to thrive in. It is God's design for us as more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.
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Truly Free

Rev John exposes the lie of the enemy that seeks to undermine the true freedom that we have in Christ Jesus. As the bondage breaker, Jesus is the Truth and the Presence, and believers need to remain in both to stay free!
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Overcome Evil With Good

Any departure from God is a departure from goodness. Evil exists when Man cannot define nor express goodness, because he has walked away from the Person that is Goodness. The good news is that darkness is fragile - we only need to turn on the light. We do so by…
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The Supernatural Rest

"You have to strive to win in life." Do you believe that? Hard work is biblical, but striving is not. God speaks at the frequency of peace. We are most sensitive to Him when we are at rest. Rest is not inactivity! It is divinely directed activity. Learn to live…
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