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Sermon Topic Kingdom Living

The Decree Of The King

The primary way that a king exercises his authority is by issuing decrees: these must be obeyed throughout his entire domain, and are an extension of the king himself. This has deep implications for us as the children of God. As we unpack this concept using stories from the Old…
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The Kingdom Is Here

Jesus came to deliver us from sin and reconcile us to God. However, the reality of heaven is not something that we may only experience in the distant future: faith pulls His kingdom into this world, and we can experience it here and now. Learn about the present and ever-accessible…
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Steadfast Hope

Faith always works side-by-side with hope: faith is energised by hope, and hope is materialised by faith. Hope without faith would be vaporised because it would have no substance; however, faith without hope would be paralysed, because we have nothing to look forward to. Learn the importance of holding fast…
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There Is More!

We often stop short of God’s best and think that our present comfort zone is the destination rather than a stage of the journey. God has nothing less than the glory of His Kingdom for us to experience and express in our lives. Just as unbelief kept Israel wandering in…
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From Egypt To Canaan Series

The salvation of our souls is not the destination that God intended for us, but the beginning of His extension of the Kingdom on earth through us.  To do that, we must live by the Spirit, encounter His love each day and allow His presence to transform us from the…
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Religion Or Relationship

The story of Abraham and Lot is one that depicts the difference between a genuine relationship with God versus one that merely subscribes to good Christian values. A life rightly focused on the Person of Christ will naturally emanate His good works.
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True Freedom Series

We were created to be free. Yet the very nature of freedom dictates that when we abuse this freedom, we lose it. The enemy works to deceive us into using our freedom for his agenda, thus enslaving us with sin and bondage. True freedom is found only in Christ. True…
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Remember His Goodness

Though we habitually forget it, the Lord regularly blankets our paths with promises, counsel, provision and promotion. Actively recalling His goodness fills our hearts with gratitude, in turn blessing His heart!
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Divine Transitions Series

Key seasons of our lives - natural, spiritual, personal and corporate -- are marked by transitions. The experience of the nation of Israel leaving Egypt and crossing into their promised land holds powerful lessons for us in how to identify and navigate transitional seasons well, making good decisions and positioning…
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Matters Of The Heart Series

In Proverbs, we are counselled to guard our hearts above all else, for from the heart is the source of life. Our hearts reveal our true characters, and are incubators for both good and evil thoughts. The battle for our hearts is real: this is a fight between belief and…
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God Our Vinedresser Series

In John 15, Jesus uses the analogy of God as a vinedresser to describe the way that He relates to us and works in our lives to mature us. This rich analogy reveals many facets of the character of God and debunks many misconceptions we may have about Him. God…
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