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Sermon Topic Kingdom Living

Supernatural Restoration And Empowerment

We are living in the last days when God is supernaturally restoring and empowering His people for the great end-time harvest. Let us look at some prophetic scriptures which point to mutliplication and acceleration of time, resources, and space - supernatural warps - to bring about the commsumation of the…
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Supernatural Christianity Series

The dawn of the Church was marked by signs and wonders. As the followers of Christ gathered, miracle after miracle was manifested in their midst, drawing more and more people in to experience the goodness of God in supernatural ways. This same lifestyle is available to us today, and in…
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The Spirit Of Excellence Series

Excellence reflects God's divine nature. It is for this very reason that we desire and appreciate excellence. This same spirit of excellence is also the key to experiencing God's will in every area of our lives. In this 2-part series, learn about an essential element that empowers us to host…
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Restful Fruitfulness

Stress, in many ways, has become a way of life for us. Yet this was never what God intended for us. His yoke is easy and His burden light; He always intended for our work to be restful and fruitful at the same time.
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Transitions And Tension

Tension does not mean there is something wrong. Rather, as we head towards the dreams, hopes, and visions God has placed on our hearts, we will experience a holy discontent. Rather than being paralysed by it, we must learn to harness it to propel us toward our destination.
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Gird Up For The Journey

Every revival has a unique emphasis on a facet of the Kingdom to be restored to the Church. The coming revival will be characterised by the presence of God. In preparation, we are to "gird up the loins of our minds" as the Apostle Peter exhorted us to, walking in…
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The Priestly Blessing

In Numbers 6, God instructed Aaron to use his priestly authority to bless the Israelites. The subsequent verses, now termed the "Aaronic Blessing," are filled with rich revelations of the Father's love for us and our relationship with Him. Come and unpack the treasures in each line of the Aaronic…
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The Culture Of Honour

Revival is coming. In preparation, we must understand the kind of culture that would invite the outpouring of His Spirit, and how we might develop such a culture in our midst. Learn about the elements and practices of the Culture of Honour in which God's manifest presence may dwell.
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Live In The Light

God is in the business of deliverance, bringing people from darkness into light, death to life, and bondage into freedom. But it doesn't just stop at the day we received Him into our lives -- there is so much more. How might we experience this continued deliverance? We must learn…
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Living For His Return

As the Bride of Christ, the hope of the Church has always been the return of the Bridegroom. Rather than waiting idly, we prepare ourselves in eager expectation for the Bridegroom to return and take us away. The question is: what does this mean for us, and how does the…
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