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Church. Israel And The End Times

Against the backdrop of growing political unrest in many countries and the shaking of the global economy, we also see several biblical prophecies being fulfilled. What have the prophets of old foretold about the times we live in, and how do we ready ourselves for the days ahead? God is preparing us and raising us up for such a time as this.


List of video Sermons

The Culture Of Honour

After the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father, hundreds of thousands of people turned up to pay their final respects at the Parliament House. They felt compelled to do so, in light of everything that he did for the country. But what does it mean to pay respects,…

How To Prosper In Famine

In the midst of a nationwide famine, God prospered Isaac so much that he was the envy of everyone around him. Drawing examples from Isaac's story in the Bible, we delve into important truths so that we may prosper even in the middle of a global recession.

Partnering With God For Outreach

We have all been given the ministry of reconciliation. This means that regardless of the vocation or stage of life we may be in, we are representatives of Jesus Christ: missionaries commissioned by God. Let us partner with Him in boldly proclaiming the mystery of the gospel today!

Knowing God As Our Father

We were created to be His beloved children. Sin plunged the world into darkness and separated us from God, orphaning us. Today, all of us struggle with an orphan heart in one way or another. But it doesn't have to be this way. God sent His son so that we…

Living An Adventurous Life Of Faith

Rev John Koe shares his personal testimony on how the Word of God has transformed every area of his life, bringing about restoration, breakthrough and fruitfulness. Listen in as he illustrates how to live a life of faith that is being led daily by the living voice of God.

Rethinking Church & Mission

The times are changing rapidly. We can no longer do church the way we've been doing it; our concept of what Church means has to evolve. This message exhorts us to re-examine the way we do church, even as we prepare for the coming outpouring of revival.

The Kingdom Culture Of Honour Series

  Honour is one of the core values of heaven. As such, it must also permeate the household of God on Earth. Join us as we unpack in-depth the biblical principle of honour and how it can be practically applied in our lives. The Kingdom Culture Of Honour 1 Duration:…

The Good News Of The Kingdom

What's the difference between the 'Gospel of salvation' and the 'Gospel of the Kingdom'? Although Jesus' primary message on earth was the Gospel of the Kingdom, much of Christendom today revolves around the Gospel of salvation instead. Listen to the mandate we've been given as ministers of reconciliation on earth.

The Love That Heals & Restores

God doesn't simply love us; He is the nature of Love itself. This means to the degree that we do not know God, we do not know Love. By nature, Love gives -- and Love heals and restores every person who encounters Him.

He First Loved Us

To the degree that we do not rest in the finished work of Christ, we are trapped in a performance mentality, thinking that we need to work to earn God's love and behaving like orphans instead of His children. Grasping the revelation of the Gospel - that God first loved…

Man, The Head Of The Family

"Honour your father and that you may live long and that it may go well with you." Out of the Ten Commandments, this is the only commandment given to us that also carries a reward. Yet oftentimes, this is arguably the most challenging commandment to keep. What are the…

The Family Blessed By God

How might we experience the fullness of a Godly marriage and family? Just as the Son of God submitted Himself completely to the Father’s will, so also we are to be subject to one another.


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