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Conference: Kingdom Economy Series – Part 3

“Ps John Koe has revealed the truths in the bible that helps us establish a stronger footing as business leaders and most importantly, children of God bringing glory to Jesus in our daily walk.” 

Dr Francis Goh, CEO & Founder Hehsed Consulting

“I have learnt alot from Ps John’s teaching which are inspiring and life-giving. There are abundant truth and wisdom in his messages. They are game changers!” 

Johnner Tan, Director Map My Gene

“Its a joy to learn of “hidden” treasures of Kingdom Economy. Highly Recommded!” 

Keith Lee, Columna Nubis

“I am inspired by Ps John’s testimony and work that he has done to share the gospel around the world. Kingdom Economy is another inspiration reveal that God loves us and blesses us with abundance of our lives.” 

Tan Seng Hock, Managing Director, Northlight Consulting & Services

“Ps John’s testimony of sharing the gospel, praying for the sick and seeing miracles happening as he went around the marketplace is such a powerful example. It marked in me so indeliby that such acts can be done and should be done by the disciples of Christ “just as they go on their daily business”. “

James Loh Director, Way Technovation 

“God’s sacred anointing in Ps John’s preaching is everything! It is insightful, God-directed and relevant to our day-to-day life. God has blessed me through his sermons!”

Sally Tan, Homemaker

“The revelation that Ps John Koe shared from the Kingdom Economy Series is refreshing, inspiring and liberating. We can either follow the economic system of the world or God.”

Alan Ng, Managing Partner, ABBA Consulting; President, IPOS Society

Reverend John Koe will be speaking on Kingdom Economy Series – Part 3 at Agora Connect on 23rd August 2018. To register, email connectme@agoraconnect.org. LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE.