A life-changing course that has empowered countless believers to grasp the truest and deepest meaning of their justification in Christ, equipping them to live in the reality and power of the Gospel.

How RTG has transformed lives

An essential component of our Bible bible which has generations of believers who are transformed, renewed and empowered to live out their highest calling, and who are now co-labourers in the revival wave throughout the country. I highly recommend that you do not miss RTG

~ Ps Wei, China


RTG gave our church leaders a clear understanding of the pure, undefiled, powerful Gospel as presented in the Scriptures..a MUST for churches who desire to display the power of Christ and impact their communities.

~ Ps Frances Tallatad, Philippines


This course needs to be made compulsory for every believer, every leader, and every shepherd to complete and teach – it is THAT fundamentally important, and THAT eternally significant!

~ Jacob Sim, Singapore