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Each lesson unit comes with STUDY NOTES designed to facilitate your journaling and note taking as you watch the videos. If you can, DOWNLOAD and PRINT them before you begin.

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 Introduction to Living the Gosepl

Module 1 INTRODUCTION TO LIVING THE GOSPEL explains how LTG builds on the foundations of Rediscovering the Gospel (RTG).

Understand how the justification work of Jesus Christ differs from the ongoing sanctification work of the Holy Spirit in all believers.
Unit 1Introduction to Living the Gospel
 Spirit-filled Living

Module 2 SPIRIT-FILLED LIVING brings to light how developing a personal relationship and experiencing intimacy with God only begins when you yield to the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Find out what it means to lead a Spirit-filled life, and how the baptism of the Holy Spirit empowers you to be a witness to the Person and work of Jesus Christ.
Unit 1Spirit-filled Living
 Bible Meditation

Module 2 BIBLE MEDITATION defines what Christian meditation is

Understand why meditating on scripture renews and expands your mind and allow you to tap on His infinite wisdom and power, and learn how you can begin to cultivate a life-long habit of Bible meditation.
Unit 1Bible Meditation
 Journaling Our Walk with God

Module 3 JOURNALLING YOUR WALK WITH GOD delves into effects of journaling your interactions with the Holy Spirit.

Journaling is not merely putting down your thoughts and experiences on paper; you are also creating time and space for yourself to encounter God's love. Learn practical steps in making journaling a part of your life.
Unit 1Journaling Our Walk with God
 Fasting and the Power of Prayer

Module 5 FASTING AND THE POWER OF PRAYER looks at how Jesus modelled a lifestyle of fasting and prayer for us to follow.

Learn about what biblical fasting is and the benefits it brings. Understand the different types of fasts, what to watch out for and the practical steps you can take in planning for a fast.
Unit 1Fasting and the Power of Prayer
 Worship As a Lifestyle

Module 6 WORSHIP AS A LIFESTYLE looks at the common misconceptions about worship that limit believers in encountering God intimately through worship.

Learn what biblical fasting is and the benefits it brings. Gain important insights on the truths about worship and be set free for a life of divine revelations and supernatural victories as you cultivate a lifestyle of worship.
Unit 1Worship As A Lifestyle
 Hearing the Voice of God

Module 7 HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD answers the questions "Does God speak to us?" and if so, how do we hear His voice accurately?

Understand the different ways God speaks to His children and the different modes of hearing Him. Learn about the sources of voices you hear and the keys you can use to recognise God's voice, as well as the how you should test what you hear.
Unit 1Hearing the Voice of God
 Waiting Upon God

Module 8 WAITING UPON GOD breaks down in detail what it means to wait on God.

Learn how, when exercised with the right attitude, you are able to discern what God is saying and also receive strength and power to carry out His bidding. Understand the blessings it brings as you let the Holy Spirit teach you the secrets to waiting on God.
Unit 1Waiting Upon God
 Prophetic Ministry

Module 9 PROPHETIC MINISTRY delves into the true meaning of prophecy is and explains why prophetic ministry for every believer

Unravel the mysteries and misconceptions about prophecy and gain clarity on the different levels of prophetic ministry, its character and purpose.
Unit 1Prophetic Ministry
A short survey for course participants to share their feedback.
Unit 1LTG Course Survey