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Each lesson unit comes with STUDY NOTES designed to facilitate your journaling and note taking as you watch the videos. If you can, DOWNLOAD and PRINT them before you begin.

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Module 1 EDEN introduces the Gospel and brings us to where it all begins – in the Garden of Eden.

Gain a fresh insight of God’s original intention when He first created Man, and rediscover His unconditional love towards us. Understand why there were two Trees in the Garden and what they each represent, as we uncover Satan’s plot in deceiving Man to be separated from the life of God.  
Unit 1Introduction: The Gospel Defined
Unit 2Background To The Gospel – Eden
Unit 3The Two Trees In The Garden Of Eden
Unit 4Where The Gospel Story Really Begins
Unit 5Recap on EDEN

Module 2 THE CROSS explores in depth the purpose of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Learn about the Law of Double Jeopardy, and understand how Jesus’ death on the Cross satisfied both God’s justice and mercy towards Man, and achieved for us our full righteous standing before God.
Unit 1The Cruxificion Of Jesus
Unit 2It is Finished
Unit 3The Law of Double Jeopardy
Unit 4Two Deaths on The Cross
Unit 5Recap on THE CROSS

Module 3 THE RESURRECTION introduces Jesus as the representation of the Tree of Life that is being restored to Man.

Explore the significance of the resurrection of Jesus, and how we are to live the divine life that Jesus has demonstrated for us.  
Unit 1The Resurrection
Unit 2The Life
Unit 3Jesus, The Life In Us
Unit 4Born Again!

Module 4 THE TRIPARTITE MAN looks closely at the three composites of man – Body, Soul & Spirit – and the significance of the transformation in our spirit upon our salvation.

Find out why we struggle in our souls despite our rebirth, and understand the superiority of the Law of Spirit of Life over the Law of Sin & Death.
Unit 1Introduction To The Tripartite Man
Unit 2The Struggle In Our Souls
Unit 3The Law Of The Spirit Of Life
Unit 4Jesus Is Your Life

Module 5 LAW AND LEGALISM introduces the law, its characteristics and its purpose.

Understand legalism and its symptoms, and how its performance-driven focus drives believers into earning their right standing with God through religious regulations.
Unit 1Introduction To Law And Legalism
Unit 2Jesus Fulfils It All For Us
Unit 3Christ Is Enough
Unit 4Fallen Man Is Legalistic By Nature

Module 6 THE LOVE WALK focuses on the fundamental truth that God is love, and that all He does hinges on the purpose of love.

Explore how Man has been designed to walk in His love, and discover why God considers love the greatest commandment.
Unit 1Introduction: God Is Love
Unit 2Love Fulfils It All
Unit 3Love Is The Motivation
Unit 4Love Is The Greatest Commandment
Unit 5Recap on THE LOVE WALK
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Unit 1RTG Course Survey