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RTG Testimonies

Hear what participants of RTG conferences held internationally have to say:


I first heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Bien Hoa, Vietnam from Reverend John Koe. His message on the Gospel did heavily move my heart. It was so different from the messages that I hear in my church every week. It impacted me strongly and awakened within me a passion to get to know more about Jesus Christ and His completed work on the Cross.

Praise God who answered the desires of my heart! God continued to send more FrontierWorkers to Vietnam to share the beautiful Gospel and Bible truths to us, including Pastor Michael Tay. In 2016, Ps Michael brought Rediscovering the Gospel (RTG) to a conference of 60 pastors at Ho Chi Minh City. It has deeply impacted and transformed me and a large number of Vietnamese believers. Since then, I have been blessed abundantly by God, who laid within me the fiery passion I now have to bring this message to many other churches all over Vietnam, especially in the highlands.

It must be said here that wherever RTG has been taught, the children of God has been released from bondage, and received physical as well as inner healing. We also saw many who now have a hunger for the Word, including for the Old Testament. Shepherds who felt burnt-out by ministry have their eyes opened to see the love, grace and goodness of God upon their lives. With understanding comes power – they are now full of belief and conviction, filled with faith, empowered and energised to move forward in their calling.

What distinguished the ministry of FrontierWorks is how it has freely made available the teaching resources to us, discipling and empowering us to propagate the Gospel message further. Among the many ministries and churches who received this resurrection and renewed vitality are:

  • Sapa Church, north mountain of Vietnam
  • Dalat Church, highland of Vietnam
  • Buon Me Thuat Church, middle mountain of Vietnam
  • Kindness Church, Hai Phong City, northern Vietnam
  • Faith Church, Hanoi, capital of Vietnam
  • Yohanna Church, Hồ Chí Minh city – south of Vietnam
  • I give thanks to God for sending ministers like Rev John and Ps Michael from Singapore. May God bless your ministry, that it may continue to be a blessing to Vietnam as well as to the other parts of the world.
    Pastor John Trinh
    Johann Church, Vietnam


    I want to thank the Lord for using Reverend John Koe to help us understand the true gospel, THE Gospel. His passionate heart to bring the Church back to this original message is highly appreciated. What happened in The Garden has opened wide our eyes so that we can have a good foundation to understand what happened on the Cross, and why it is only through belief that we are saved.

    RTG has really helped us to lay hold of our inheritance in Christ through His cruxificion and resurrection. It has helped us to come out from clutches of religion and performance, and paved the way to relationship with God. I cannot explain the richness that we have learned through this teaching.

    Once again, I want to thank Rev John Koe for blessing us with Rediscovering the Gospel.
    Pastor Shaik Saleem
    Founder, Power and Love Ministries, India


    Hallelujah! I received the teaching of the Gospel in 2003 from Reverend John Koe. Since then, FrontierWorks team has delivered this teaching to several churches of GPI in Batam and Bintan and all are blessed. Our mindset and understanding of religion have changed. The seminar delivered by Pastor Michael Tay refreshed my understanding on many truths. I personally experienced a renewal of mindset and paradigm. This course will bless people tremendously. This is incredible teaching!
    Pastor Albert Aritonang
    Leader of GPI Trans Marina, Batam, Indonesia
    Crying was the one thing I did when I first received this teaching. Realising I am in Christ by the finished work of Jesus has changed my mindset and transformed my life. The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is the biggest and most blessed news for me. I am no longer in misconception about the Gospel that I received before from religious leaders. I’m free, I’m happy and I’m enjoying HIM.
    Pastor Lomser Hutabalian
    Leader of GPI Trans Marina, Batam, Indonesia
    Thank you for revealing the great love and grace of God to us. I realised that after all these years, I have not understood enough about His grace, and in certain ways, I am still in legalism. Through the RTG conference, I’ve been freed. That is why I now say, ‘I will always stay in this race, I long to enjoy His love more, and become the channel for His love.’ Thank you, Rev John.
    Pastor Enny Rumengan
    From this seminar I learned what is really the pure Gospel. From now, me and some of the pastors of Negara will start preaching the pure Gospel! Thank God for the seminar.
    Pastor Paulus
    Negara Orphanage, Bali Indonesia
    Receiving this course has changed my paradigm about ministry in the Church. Previously, the sermons I preached may not have brought the Church closer to Jesus or made them understand their position in Christ. After receiving this good teaching in the seminar, many things have since changed in my ministry. I’m really blessed. Thank you very much.
    Pastor H. Silaen
    Leader of GPI Kampung Baru, Batam, Indonesia


    Reverend John Koe has fully grasped the essence of the Gospel. His clear presentation of God’s heart is one that shakes our faith to the core. He was in Manila last Oct 27 and 28 and we hosted him in our Church. The seminar based on the first six chapters of his book The Good God opened a lot of revelations and closed a number of pseudo-truths that believers like me have carried all these years in our faith. The simplicity of the approach and the desire to please God is so evident in every segment. Healing of the body, soul and the spirit overflowed in every attendee and there was an unmentioned but felt call from the Holy Spirit to release the same revelation to others as we have received it. Glory be to Jesus for using Rev John!

    Dr. Alvin Ang
    Spiritual Adviser/Pulpit Ministry Head, City Capital Alliance Church, Philippines
    Rediscovering the Gospel conference with Reverend John Koe gave our church leaders a clear understanding of the pure, undefiled, powerful Gospel as presented in the Scriptures. It gave us a jumpstart towards our transition from ‘Sunday Church’ to ‘Everyday Church’, working towards the development and strengthening of house churches and missional communities. It’s the same Gospel preached by the disciples and believers in the early church.
    The clarity of the Gospel through the course made us more “gospel fluent”, so that we can apply it in our everyday lives, together with the lives of the people we minister to. RTG is a must for churches who desire to display the power of Christ and impact their communities.
    Pastor Frances Tallatad
    Rhema Word of God Church, Marikina City, Philippines


    I received Jesus into my life in 1995. For the first 6 to 7 years, I knew very little about Jesus; Christianity to me was about being a good person doing good works. The teachings I received emphasised that I must be good and do good to please God and go to Heaven. I strived to keep my salvation, using my effort to be right with God and earn His approval. I constantly wondered if I had pleased God enough. I was never assured of His love nor of His goodness towards me.

    In 2001, I attended RTG. What I heard threw me completely off-balance. The Lord Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father described by Reverend John Koe were totally different from the God I had known. I saw God as a strict judge; actually, He accepts me as I am. I thought of Him as a harsh discipline master; in reality, He loves me unconditionally. I expected Him to convict me of sin and mete out punishment; in truth, He washes me of my sin and grants mercy! This revelation rocked my heart, turned my entire belief system upside down and revolutionized my understanding of who Jesus is and how I can relate to Him.
    I realised that the Christianity I knew had been based on behaviour modification and performance; it was a religion I had been trapped in all those years. The teachings of RTG renewed me, and made me realise that the center of my faith is really the Person of Jesus, and that Christianity is really about our relationship with Him. Today, I know God as loving and kind, a God who blesses me and is gracious towards me, and with whom I enjoy such oneness and intimacy. My faith was no longer about a set of religious rules and dead slogans; I can draw near to Him, hear from Him, reveal Him to the world, and glorify Him through my life!

    In 2005, I started a church. Since 2007, we have travelled throughout China to preach the Gospel through many teaching conferences and revival meetings, where we saw countless people baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit as they experience God’s touch and anointing. We have seen the power of God break out with miracles and healings wherever we preach the Gospel, witnessing many who are lame walked, the deaf who heard, and the terminally ill turned around and completely healed. In Anhui, we even witnessed how – on an old lady who lost one of her eyes many years ago – God had grown a new eyeball in her, and she could see clearly again!

    “..God also testifying with them, both by signs and wonders and by various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit according to His own will.” (Hebrews 2:4)

    Just as He has said in His Word, these have all come to pass in our ministry. Thank you Lord, that truly wherever the Gospel is preached, there is fruit!

    RTG is an essential component of our Bible school in North China, which has produced generations of believers who are transformed, renewed and empowered to live out their highest calling and who are now co-labourers in the revival wave throughout the country. I highly recommend that you do not miss RTG. I believe wholeheartedly that the God who loves us will use us to do even greater things! He is raising those who are faithful and true to bring the truth of His Kingdom to Man. Hallelujah!
    Pastor Enoch W.
    I am a church worker based in China. Before we really grasped the Gospel, my people were so blinded by tradition and legalism that we could not discern the grace of our Lord. We thought that we still have to depend on our own efforts to get to Heaven after receiving Jesus and this is such a treacherous path to walk on: to rely on works to be acceptable and have right standing before God, and to believe that God would only love us if we did well, and would stop loving us if we failed.

    We also erroneously believed that God would use sicknesses to discipline us, and that being poor is spiritual and pleasing to Him. For 32 years of my life, I was serving a God whom I believed to be a joy-killer, a tyrant, and not at all a loving Father… As a result, serving Him became such a burden to me, yet not serving Him brought fears of reprisal. As poverty consumed my family, my children started to reject this God that I knew, being too afraid to walk the same path as me. My wife was miserable too, being trapped in sickness and yet begging God to forgive her daily for what she believed to be His punishment on her. To make matters worse, I was spreading this misery to my congregation and more than 100 church leaders under me.

    But thank God that He brought the Gospel of grace to me two years ago! Through FrontierWorks, we have come to know how much God loves us and how He has freely given His grace to us, and forgiven us of all our sins. Jesus became the propitiation of our sins and redeemed us to become children of God. What a blessing it is to know that I have a covenant with God and that Satan is a liar! All my people have come to know this truth, which has completely revolutionised our lives.

    Now, I serve God not because I’m forced to but because I am glad and willing. I am enjoying my walk with God and understand that all that we do must stem from love – whether it is evangelising, serving others, preaching or teaching. This is because God loves me unconditionally and therefore, I should love others unconditionally too. My church has gone through great changes, not only has the congregation grown tremendously, it is also full of life! Signs and miracles follow us and the conditions in our families have also greatly improved. My wife is completely healed!

    Although I am very thankful to God for what He has done, at the same time, I am painfully aware that many churches in China have yet to know the truth of God’s grace and unconditional love for them. Thus, my heart burns with a passion to bring this grace message to all our brethren and unbelievers in this land.
    Pastor Ma

    Hear what participants of RTG conferences held in Singapore have to say:


    Although I have been a believer for almost 43 years, many of the truths taught in RTG, I am hearing it for the first time… The course has impacted me in many ways, especially in drawing me to a much closer relationship with God than ever before.
    Peck Guat
    RTG greatly impacted me; even though I’ve been learning about the grace message for many years, it did not bring life until now. I believe God has planted a new love seed in my heart to bring His love harvest in my life, and heart expression of love to others.
    I have attended church since I was a child for over 30 years. Even up to now in my weekly church services, I have never experienced this sense of awakening to the Gospel truth until I took part in Redisovering the Gospel course delivered via online videos. The revelations of what Christianity is, what the Bible says, who God is, and the deep love He has for us – have rocked me from within and impacted me tremendously.

    We always read and talk about Jesus being cruxified for us so we can be saved; it is something we all know as believers. But for the first time, through the video lesson on The Cross, I truly understood the extent of what He did for us on the cross, what He had subjected Himself to in bearing the punishment for our sins. I could even feel a glimpse of His pain! I now know God truly understands everything we are going through, because there is nothing He did not go through Himself. With this, I am now empowered to forgive others. I now also believe absolutely in God’s will and power to heal, because Christ has paid the price for us! I am so touched by His love! RTG has indeed brought my faith to a new level, and I am now empowered me for true Kingdom living.
    Casslyn Teo
    RTG has impacted me more deeply than other Christian courses. Many things – truths, verses – start to make sense, get integrated, and fall into place. This course needs to be made compulsory for every believer, every leader, and every shepherd to complete and teach – it is THAT fundamentally important, and THAT eternally significant!
    Jacob Sim
    Although I have been a believer for almost 43 years, many of the truths taught in RTG, I am hearing it for the first time… The course has impacted me in many ways, especially in drawing me to a much closer relationship with God than ever before.
    Peck Guat
    It has highlighted areas of misunderstanding of the Gospel for me and opened my eyes to what the Gospel truly means for me and my salvation. Amazing!
    I thought I knew all these teachings since I was saved more than 30 years ago and have been in ministry since then. RTG had been such a blessing and reminder of God’s love in a very refreshing way. Thank you!