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Sermon Tag cruxificion & resurrection

Jesus The Resurrected King

The Resurrection was not just an event that happened at a moment of time in history. Our declaration that "Christ is Risen" does not just refer to that moment of time where Jesus came back to life. Instead, this declaration reveals a new daily reality that we can walk in…
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The Blood Covenant Series

Covenants, or sacred agreements, were a part of life in ancient times and in the Scripture. Our God is a covenant-maker and a covenant-keeper. Discover the most significant covenant He made with a man, and its implications for today and eternity. Understanding the blood covenant we have in Christ --…
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The Passover For His Chosen People

Scattered throughout the earth, the Jews still maintain certain traditions of their own: namely, the feasts God instituted as divine appointments with them. While these feasts were originally given to Israel, we would also benefit from understanding His heart behind them.
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The Feasts Of Israel Series

Passover. Feast of Unleavened Bread. Feast of First Fruits. What do all these Jewish feasts mean, and do they hold relevance for us today? Each of the feasts God instituted for Israel foreshadows things to come, and each signifies a foundational truth for us as believers. We are to understand…
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