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Kingdom Economy Series

God intended for every one of us to live with no lack, fully provided for according to His riches. However, if we are unaware of how the present economic system is run, we may unwittingly be caught in the two Babylonian traps meant to enslave the world: debt and interest.…
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The Kingdom On The Seven Mountains Series

We have the call to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and to establish God's government on the earth. The instrument of His government is the ekklesia, the Church. How can we bring His Kingdom into the key spheres of influence on earth -- including  our homes, work places, society…
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The Great End-Time Deception Series

What do World War II and King Herod's murder of all the baby boys in Bethlehem have to do with each other? For that matter, why did God command the Israelites to destroy the Canaanites, and why did He cause the great flood of Noah's time to take place? The…
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Walk In The Light

It takes holy guts to stand for truth and do what is right, especially as darkness and deception escalate. We must decide if we will participate in darkness or not. It can be a painful decision, but walking in the light puts us in the zone of God's protection and…
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Truly Free

Rev John exposes the lie of the enemy that seeks to undermine the true freedom that we have in Christ Jesus. As the bondage breaker, Jesus is the Truth and the Presence, and believers need to remain in both to stay free!
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Overcome Evil With Good

Any departure from God is a departure from goodness. Evil exists when Man cannot define nor express goodness, because he has walked away from the Person that is Goodness. The good news is that darkness is fragile - we only need to turn on the light. We do so by…
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Jesus The Good Shepherd Series

What does it mean that the Lord is our Shepherd? The concept of Christ as the Shepherd and we as the sheep who knows and love Him is one of the most beautiful analogy in the Bible describing our relationship with God.  This series unpacks the richness of the well-known Psalm 23.…
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The Family Designed By God

Marriages are under attack. But here's why: the covenant of marriage was always meant to be a picture of God's love for His people. In fact, it is through family that God intends to extend His Kingdom reign over all the Earth.
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Good Is A Person

When Adam and Eve distrusted the goodness of God in the garden of Eden, it brought devastating results to Creation. But no more do we have to suffer from its effects, for now we shall witness the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Good is a…
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The Scarlet Thread Series

After the Fall of Adam and Eve, God gave them a promise to comfort and guide them. This promise was that He would bring about a "seed" through their bloodline — a seed who would be the salvation of the entire human race. All throughout history, the enemy has sought…
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True Freedom Series

We were created to be free. Yet the very nature of freedom dictates that when we abuse this freedom, we lose it. The enemy works to deceive us into using our freedom for his agenda, thus enslaving us with sin and bondage. True freedom is found only in Christ. True…
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Supernatural Christianity Series

The dawn of the Church was marked by signs and wonders. As the followers of Christ gathered, miracle after miracle was manifested in their midst, drawing more and more people in to experience the goodness of God in supernatural ways. This same lifestyle is available to us today, and in…
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