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Sermon Tag eternal rewards

Rediscover The Kingdom

God is establishing His Kingdom that runs counter to the grain of this world – one in which the weak shame the strong and the foolish confound the wise. Rev John calls us to rediscover the paradoxical principles of the Kingdom and live out Kingdom life here on earth.
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The Value Of A Soul

What gives us value? Is it our wealth or our intelligence? Is it our job titles or our ability to minister to people? The value of the human soul is based on one simple yet profound concept: that we are His, and that we have a bond with Him that…
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The Ultimate Pleasure

"For from you are all things, and to you are all things; You deserve the glory." What does it mean that from Him and through Him and for Him are all things? Many people go through their entire lives without truly grasping why they exist. The divine purpose God has…
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The Prosperous Soul Series

The wholeness of our souls sets the bar for the riches we are able to steward. God’s primary focus is on restoring our hearts so He can entrust us with true riches, beyond material wealth. God’s desire and plan for us is to prosper us – in our souls first,…
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From Egypt To Canaan Series

The salvation of our souls is not the destination that God intended for us, but the beginning of His extension of the Kingdom on earth through us.  To do that, we must live by the Spirit, encounter His love each day and allow His presence to transform us from the…
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Sharing Your Faith Series

Sharing Jesus is easier than many of us think. It was designed to be a simple, grace-based and supernatural endeavour which produces unexpected future fruit! Find out how you can simply and powerfully reach out to those around you.       Sharing Your Faith 1 Sharing Your…
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Live In The Light

God is in the business of deliverance, bringing people from darkness into light, death to life, and bondage into freedom. But it doesn't just stop at the day we received Him into our lives -- there is so much more. How might we experience this continued deliverance? We must learn…
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Living For His Return

As the Bride of Christ, the hope of the Church has always been the return of the Bridegroom. Rather than waiting idly, we prepare ourselves in eager expectation for the Bridegroom to return and take us away. The question is: what does this mean for us, and how does the…
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The Judgment Seat Of Christ

When we think of the judgment seat of Christ, we often associate it with punishment for our sins. Yet this is not at all the original intended meaning; rather, the judgment seat of Christ is the place from which God rewards those who believe in Him. Discover the basis on…
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