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Prospering In The Midst of Famine

This message explores the nature and promise of God to prosper His people in the midst of famine. Drawing from scripture, Rev John unveils how God will position His people to receive the transfer of wealth (Proverbs 13:22), and share practical steps in our everyday living to receive God’s promise…
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Thriving By The Word Series

When the Israelites wandered the wilderness for 40 years, they knew they weren't living out God's best for them. But before they could walk into their destiny, they realized that they had to change their hearts and minds. Likewise, we too must change if we want to experience the fullness…
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Living In The Promised Land

In the book of Joshua, we observe how the Israelites journey through the Jordan River into Canaan. Delving deep into their journey, this message draws out instruction and encouragement for us today, as we mature from living in bondage to living in freedom and victory in the Promised Land God…
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Paradoxes Of The Kingdom

We live in an age in which fighting for our individual rights has become characteristic of our generation. The life of the Kingdom, however, bids us to surrender these rights to the lordship of Christ. It is by giving that we receive, and it is by losing our lives that…
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The Power Of Testimony

When we share our testimonies, we bear witness to the reality and character of God, which is absolute goodness. The simple act of giving thanks for what God has done in our lives is powerful because it creates the conditions for the same miracle to happen again in those hearing…
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The Hope Of Christmas

When we encounter Jesus, hope is birthed in us. This hope is what empowers even people on their deathbeds to contend for divine healing. Christmas reminds us that Jesus came to restore us fully into the hope that God has for each one of us. This holiday season, let us…
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The Time To Shine Is Now!

We're living in perilous times, but we're also living in glorious times. God is working wondrous things around the world, and even more is in the pipeline. As the people of God, we've been invited to partner with the Father in bringing heaven to earth. Understand more about our responsibility…
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Saving Souls From Death

Let's look at the book of James, which is a call to examine the authenticity of our faith according to the word of God. This is a direct reminder on the purpose of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in a believer. Are you reaching out to others about the…
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Spirituality In Mundanity Series

We sometimes imagine that being spiritual means receiving amazing visions, seeing wondrous miracles through our hands, or preaching anointed sermons. What we may not realise is that when we walk with Him in every aspect of our lives, we will live lives that are naturally supernatural. Learn how to perform…
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Living The Abundant Life

The moment God created man, He placed us in an environment of abundance: the Garden of Eden. But when sin came in, so did lack and toil. Jesus came not only to restore us to that original life of abundance, but He also raised us up with Him -- and…
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Bring Someone To Jesus

The Apostle Peter is one of the most prominent and influential figures in church history. But who brought Peter to Jesus? Take a close look at Andrew, the low-profile disciple who played a pivotal role in events in Jesus' ministry. Be challenged to reach out like Andrew did, bringing forth…
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The Holy Communion Series

Bread and juice, crackers and wine -- is Holy Communion really necessary? The power and significance of this sacrament is lost when we become familiar with the form but forget the meaning. Learn about the common misconceptions of the Holy Communion. Rediscover and celebrate this gift from Christ to His…
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