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Sermon Tag fathering

Prospering In The Midst of Famine

This message explores the nature and promise of God to prosper His people in the midst of famine. Drawing from scripture, Rev John unveils how God will position His people to receive the transfer of wealth (Proverbs 13:22), and share practical steps in our everyday living to receive God’s promise…
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The Church Awakens

The times are changing rapidly. We can no longer do church the way we've been doing it; our concept of what Church means has to evolve. This message exhorts us to re-examine the way we do church, even as we prepare for the coming outpouring of revival.
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The Role Of The Father

Fathers, open up the gates to your children's hearts! This message reminds dads of their three Biblical leadership roles. Learn five practical tools for expressing love, and be encouraged to grow in loving and leading your families well.
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How To Prosper In Famine

In the midst of a nationwide famine, God prospered Isaac so much that he was the envy of everyone around him. Drawing examples from Isaac's story in the Bible, we delve into important truths so that we may prosper even in the middle of a global recession.
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Sonship And Servanthood

We've all been given the ministry of reconciliation. However, we sometimes rush into serving God without understanding our sonship in Him. The truth is that before He made us ambassadors of Christ, He made us sons of God. To the degree that we experience this sonship, we are empowered to…
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The Blessing Of Honour And Obedience

God consistently challenges us to cultivate a lifestyle of honour, especially in the midst of a culture of pervasive dishonour and disrespect. Honouring and obeying the people that God has placed in our lives is akin to honouring and obeying God Himself. Looking at King Saul and David as examples,…
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The God Of Generations

Spiritual maturity is, in short, the result of an experiential revelation of the fullness of God. But maturity is not an end in itself; it is for a purpose. God is the God of generations, and it is His heart that we grow up, become mature, and in turn become…
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The Priestly Blessing

In Numbers 6, God instructed Aaron to use his priestly authority to bless the Israelites. The subsequent verses, now termed the "Aaronic Blessing," are filled with rich revelations of the Father's love for us and our relationship with Him. Come and unpack the treasures in each line of the Aaronic…
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The Sons Of God Series

Growing in Christ means coming into the fullness of our identity as God's dearly loved children. The goal of all teaching and equipping is to raise up sons who know the heart of the Father and can steward the Kingdom. Jesus died to bring back sons to the Father. It…
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