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Supernatural Favour Series

The highest Jewish blessing is the favour of God. In Part 1 of this series, Rev John unpacks the concept of favour and shows us from the Bible how life-changing it is to have God's favour. Favour is real and it is supernatural. In Part 2, learn about the purpose…
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Live True To Your Kingdom Identity

Kingdom responsibility starts with finding out who we are. We are not just passing through this world, trying to make Heaven our home. Heaven is already our home, and it is already within us. Many Christians do not demonstrate their inheritance--signs, miracles, wonders--because they don't know who they really are.…
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The Constitution Of The Kingdom

A major characteristic of God’s kingdom is its lawful nature: it is rule-based and not legalistic. In fact, God’s law is an expression of His love and protection, in which we thrive. The ultimate sign that we are Kingdom subjects is that we are living under God’s lawful reign, bringing…
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Rediscover Grace

Is grace only unmerited favour? Or is there more? Rev John shows us a more complete picture of grace from how God parented Adam and how we naturally parent our children. Having an accurate understanding of grace will set us up for a thriving Christian life.
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The Eleventh-Hour Workers

The parable of the workers in the vineyard seems offensive at first, but it actually reveals the generosity of God. In each of our hearts God has put a longing to serve in His Kingdom. Respond to God's calling on us to bring in the great harvest of souls as…
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The Snake On The Pole

If we examine the Israelites' experience in the desert with the bronze serpent, we discover nine profound truths applicable to our lives. Explore these truths which symbolises Jesus' death on the Cross, bringing salvation to mankind. Understand why faith is the “currency” that reconciles mankind back to their Maker.
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Jesus Be The Center

Continuing on the story of Samson for the End-Time Church, we draw out more lessons for the Bride of Christ. Sacrificial love will be the hallmark as she pulls out of compromise to triumph in her final moments.
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True Freedom Series

We were created to be free. Yet the very nature of freedom dictates that when we abuse this freedom, we lose it. The enemy works to deceive us into using our freedom for his agenda, thus enslaving us with sin and bondage. True freedom is found only in Christ. True…
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Justification And Sanctification Series

Through Christ's life and death, the power of sin was broken and the penalty borne on our behalf. Now, we've been justified and considered righteous in Christ. Yet there is another element to His work of salvation in our hearts: the process of sanctification, in which the Holy Spirit works…
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The Spirit Of Excellence Series

Excellence reflects God's divine nature. It is for this very reason that we desire and appreciate excellence. This same spirit of excellence is also the key to experiencing God's will in every area of our lives. In this 2-part series, learn about an essential element that empowers us to host…
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The Judgment Seat Of Christ

When we think of the judgment seat of Christ, we often associate it with punishment for our sins. Yet this is not at all the original intended meaning; rather, the judgment seat of Christ is the place from which God rewards those who believe in Him. Discover the basis on…
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