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Sermon Tag holiness

The Constitution Of The Kingdom

A major characteristic of God’s kingdom is its lawful nature: it is rule-based and not legalistic. In fact, God’s law is an expression of His love and protection, in which we thrive. The ultimate sign that we are Kingdom subjects is that we are living under God’s lawful reign, bringing…
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Walk In The Light

It takes holy guts to stand for truth and do what is right, especially as darkness and deception escalate. We must decide if we will participate in darkness or not. It can be a painful decision, but walking in the light puts us in the zone of God's protection and…
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Living Godly In An Ungodly Age

The Bible calls us the salt of the earth. We are responsible to reveal the heart of God to our world. Unfortunately, Christians have done a good job of obscuring it. Our first call is to preach the Gospel with our whole lives, because the Gospel has the power to…
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Overcome Evil With Good

Any departure from God is a departure from goodness. Evil exists when Man cannot define nor express goodness, because he has walked away from the Person that is Goodness. The good news is that darkness is fragile - we only need to turn on the light. We do so by…
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True Freedom Series

We were created to be free. Yet the very nature of freedom dictates that when we abuse this freedom, we lose it. The enemy works to deceive us into using our freedom for his agenda, thus enslaving us with sin and bondage. True freedom is found only in Christ. True…
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Matters Of The Heart Series

In Proverbs, we are counselled to guard our hearts above all else, for from the heart is the source of life. Our hearts reveal our true characters, and are incubators for both good and evil thoughts. The battle for our hearts is real: this is a fight between belief and…
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Made For Pleasure

We were created for His pleasure. It's been an age-old trick of Satan to pervert what God created and turn it into something that displaces the affection of God in our lives, but the truth remains: what God created, He deemed good. The question is: what sort of pleasures drive…
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Gird Up For The Journey

Every revival has a unique emphasis on a facet of the Kingdom to be restored to the Church. The coming revival will be characterised by the presence of God. In preparation, we are to "gird up the loins of our minds" as the Apostle Peter exhorted us to, walking in…
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The Culture Of Honour

Revival is coming. In preparation, we must understand the kind of culture that would invite the outpouring of His Spirit, and how we might develop such a culture in our midst. Learn about the elements and practices of the Culture of Honour in which God's manifest presence may dwell.
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Live In The Light

God is in the business of deliverance, bringing people from darkness into light, death to life, and bondage into freedom. But it doesn't just stop at the day we received Him into our lives -- there is so much more. How might we experience this continued deliverance? We must learn…
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Living For His Return

As the Bride of Christ, the hope of the Church has always been the return of the Bridegroom. Rather than waiting idly, we prepare ourselves in eager expectation for the Bridegroom to return and take us away. The question is: what does this mean for us, and how does the…
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