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Honour Your Father And Mother

God calls us to honour our parents, that it may go well with us and that we may live long in the land He has given us. As the primary authority figures in our lives, our parents carry a measure of God's glory. Let's take a close-up look at the…
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Created For Worship Series

We were created to thrive in His presence. With the entrance of sin, we were wrenched from God's heart and cut off from our life source. To restore us, God paid the highest price: the life of His only begotten Son, who took our place so we would be reconciled…
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Your Kingdom Come Series

We are living in turbulent times where God wants to enforce His unshakeable and powerful Kingdom. The restoration of His kingdom is first spiritual, then natural. How much we know about God's Kingdom determines how powerful and effective our prayers are, and how we can live true to our Kingdom…
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Loving Our Nation As Christians

As citizens of heaven, our first and foremost responsibility is to accurately reflect our heavenly Father's heart. With that in mind, how do we love our nation and our government well? Learn practical ways of living out our calling as ambassadors of Christ.
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The Blessing Of Honour And Obedience

God consistently challenges us to cultivate a lifestyle of honour, especially in the midst of a culture of pervasive dishonour and disrespect. Honouring and obeying the people that God has placed in our lives is akin to honouring and obeying God Himself. Looking at King Saul and David as examples,…
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Return To First Love

When we lose our love and affection for God and things of God, we have left our first love. God desires for us to come back -- but how do we return to our first love? We do so by remembering God and His manifold goodness in our lives, and…
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A Matter Of Honour

After the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father, hundreds of thousands of people turned up to pay their final respects at the Parliament House. They felt compelled to do so, in light of everything that he did for the country. But what does it mean to pay respects,…
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Thriving In The Year Of Jubilee

According to the decree God gave to the Israelites, every 50th year was to be a year of Jubilee. This decree is still relevant to us today, and honouring it brings great blessings. Using Singapore's 50th year of independence as an example, let us discover the principles underlying the year…
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Ministering To The Lord Series

As royal priests, our chief function is to serve the King. We were created for a love relationship with God, not a rote application of religious principles. Access to this sort of communion is not exclusive to a select few: we were all created to be friends of God, bringing…
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The Spirit Of Excellence Series

Excellence reflects God's divine nature. It is for this very reason that we desire and appreciate excellence. This same spirit of excellence is also the key to experiencing God's will in every area of our lives. In this 2-part series, learn about an essential element that empowers us to host…
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Appointments With God

"I look forward to every appointment you make with Me." Imagine the Creator of the universe saying this to you! Yet this is exactly what He feels. God pursues us relentlessly, inviting us to come and be with Him. Would you respond to Him today?
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The Culture Of Honour

Revival is coming. In preparation, we must understand the kind of culture that would invite the outpouring of His Spirit, and how we might develop such a culture in our midst. Learn about the elements and practices of the Culture of Honour in which God's manifest presence may dwell.
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