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On Earth As It Is In Heaven Series

Prayer was the hallmark of Jesus' life, the secret to everything He accomplished. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them only one thing -- to pray! In Part 1 of this series, Rev John exhorts us to shake off complacency and begin to steward the power of prayer. In Part…
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Purpose, Provision And Power

Do you know the reason that you exist, and what God desires to do through you? The favour that our heavenly Father gives us is for the sake of the people around us. Hear Rev John's stirring message on God's purpose, provision, and power in our lives.
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The Power Of Prayer Series

Jesus modelled a lifestyle of prayer built on intimate conversations between Him and His Father. Every word, miracle, and action we see in Jesus' life came out of His intimacy with God. Prayer is not about giving God information He does not have -- it is part of our training…
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The Decree Of The King

The primary way that a king exercises his authority is by issuing decrees: these must be obeyed throughout his entire domain, and are an extension of the king himself. This has deep implications for us as the children of God. As we unpack this concept using stories from the Old…
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The Kingdom Is Here

Jesus came to deliver us from sin and reconcile us to God. However, the reality of heaven is not something that we may only experience in the distant future: faith pulls His kingdom into this world, and we can experience it here and now. Learn about the present and ever-accessible…
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Jesus The Good Shepherd Series

What does it mean that the Lord is our Shepherd? The concept of Christ as the Shepherd and we as the sheep who knows and love Him is one of the most beautiful analogy in the Bible describing our relationship with God.  This series unpacks the richness of the well-known Psalm 23.…
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There Is More!

We often stop short of God’s best and think that our present comfort zone is the destination rather than a stage of the journey. God has nothing less than the glory of His Kingdom for us to experience and express in our lives. Just as unbelief kept Israel wandering in…
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From Egypt To Canaan Series

The salvation of our souls is not the destination that God intended for us, but the beginning of His extension of the Kingdom on earth through us.  To do that, we must live by the Spirit, encounter His love each day and allow His presence to transform us from the…
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Union With Christ Series

We are fundamentally designed to be united with Christ: the Christian life is a natural outward expression of this inner reality. We are most utilised when Christ is most actualised in us. Everything flows from our relationship with God. We must learn how to allow Jesus to express Himself through…
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Religion Or Relationship

The story of Abraham and Lot is one that depicts the difference between a genuine relationship with God versus one that merely subscribes to good Christian values. A life rightly focused on the Person of Christ will naturally emanate His good works.
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The Covenantal Love Of God

The story of David and Jonathan is a moving testament of covenantal friendship. But far more moving is David's search and care for Mephibosheth, Jonathan's son. What does Mephibosheth's story reveal about the Father's nature and love for us?
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The Jewish Roots Of The Church

Only when the Jews rejected their Messiah was salvation offered to the rest of the world: the Gentiles. Yet God always intended for the Church to be the catalyst to stir Israel into jealousy to come to the knowledge of their Messiah.
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