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Sermon Tag priesthood

Saint Arise! Series

Only two billion people out of the world's population of 7.5 billion profess to be Christian, and even fewer are genuinely born again. Somewhere along the way, we've relegated ministry to a select few clergymen -- or "professional" Christians, if you will. Yet this was never how God intended the…
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Created For Worship Series

We were created to thrive in His presence. With the entrance of sin, we were wrenched from God's heart and cut off from our life source. To restore us, God paid the highest price: the life of His only begotten Son, who took our place so we would be reconciled…
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Ministering To The Lord Series

As royal priests, our chief function is to serve the King. We were created for a love relationship with God, not a rote application of religious principles. Access to this sort of communion is not exclusive to a select few: we were all created to be friends of God, bringing…
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The Priestly Blessing

In Numbers 6, God instructed Aaron to use his priestly authority to bless the Israelites. The subsequent verses, now termed the "Aaronic Blessing," are filled with rich revelations of the Father's love for us and our relationship with Him. Come and unpack the treasures in each line of the Aaronic…
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The Glorious Church Series

What kind of Church does God want to build? If we think Church is a building or a ministry, then we will end up pouring our time and resources into something man-made. The truth is that we, as an assembly of redeemed people, are the Church - and it is the…
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