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Kingdom Shifts

God is shaking the heaven and the earth in this hour to set His people up to inherit “a kingdom that cannot be shaken” (Hebrews 12:26). The house of God must embrace these kingdom shifts as we co-labour with God in extending His reign on earth, just as it is…
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The End-Time Kingdom Message

The sole message of Jesus’ ministry on earth revolved around the Kingdom of God. This message that marked the beginning of His messianic ministry shall be the final message that marks the completion of the Church Age. Learn how revival is restoring the Church to God’s original purpose and design,…
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Aligning With The Kingdom

In this momentous time of great change, it is of paramount importance that we know what God is doing and our part in it.  We are called to be vigilant, watchful and to pray. Where God wants us to be, it is the safest place on earth; when we are…
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Watch And Pray

We are in a time of intensifying fulfilment of end-time prophecy, with dynamic changes in and around Israel. We, the Church, must be awake and alert in such a time as this. Prayer brings about sobriety of spirit like nothing else. Sobriety clears out confusion, distraction, deception and discouragement. As…
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The Great End-Time Deception Series

What do World War II and King Herod's murder of all the baby boys in Bethlehem have to do with each other? For that matter, why did God command the Israelites to destroy the Canaanites, and why did He cause the great flood of Noah's time to take place? The…
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The Eleventh-Hour Workers

The parable of the workers in the vineyard seems offensive at first, but it actually reveals the generosity of God. In each of our hearts God has put a longing to serve in His Kingdom. Respond to God's calling on us to bring in the great harvest of souls as…
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God, Just Once More!

The story of Samson illustrates the power that comes when the Spirit of God is upon us. It also parallels the letter written to the church of Laodicea mentioned in Revelation, and serves as a cautionary tale for the end-times Church. The lesson here: we must learn to keep our…
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The Atonement Series

"All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Fortunately, it doesn't end there! To make sure that His children could come home, our Father presented His Son as the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus became the "sacrifice of atonement," breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing back God's abundant…
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Being Made Holy And Whole

In Christ, our spirits are already perfect and righteous, but our souls and our bodies are still being sanctified. As we receive wholeness and healing for our mind and emotions, we experience more of His fullness in our lives.
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Doing Church As A Team

Jesus has given us the honour and privilege to participate in the preparation of the Church as His Bride. This entails us building and serving the Church together as a team. How are you bringing your unique and tangible expressions of work to your Church community?
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The Feast Of Tabernacles

Instituted by God, the Feasts of Israel point to the redemptive work of Christ. The Feast of Tabernacles is the grandest of the three pilgrimage festivals, marking God's provision and presence with His people.
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