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Living By Revelation Knowledge

God created Man and put him in the Garden of Eden, where He had planted 2 trees: the Tree of Life and the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. They represented choice given to Man to live by human reasoning or by revelatory knowledge. It is the same…
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The God Of Generations

Spiritual maturity is, in short, the result of an experiential revelation of the fullness of God. But maturity is not an end in itself; it is for a purpose. God is the God of generations, and it is His heart that we grow up, become mature, and in turn become…
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Purpose, Provision And Power

Do you know the reason that you exist, and what God desires to do through you? The favour that our heavenly Father gives us is for the sake of the people around us. Hear Rev John's stirring message on God's purpose, provision, and power in our lives.
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Divine Transitions Series

Key seasons of our lives - natural, spiritual, personal and corporate -- are marked by transitions. The experience of the nation of Israel leaving Egypt and crossing into their promised land holds powerful lessons for us in how to identify and navigate transitional seasons well, making good decisions and positioning…
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Supernatural Christianity Series

The dawn of the Church was marked by signs and wonders. As the followers of Christ gathered, miracle after miracle was manifested in their midst, drawing more and more people in to experience the goodness of God in supernatural ways. This same lifestyle is available to us today, and in…
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Transitions And Tension

Tension does not mean there is something wrong. Rather, as we head towards the dreams, hopes, and visions God has placed on our hearts, we will experience a holy discontent. Rather than being paralysed by it, we must learn to harness it to propel us toward our destination.
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Information Age and Revelation Era

Revelation is the offspring of intimacy. In the last days, God has given this generation an insatiable spiritual appetite for Him and His Kingdom, which will stand in stark contrast to the great darkness and deception that will envelop the rest of the world.
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Church, Israel And The End-Times Series

Against the backdrop of growing political unrest in many countries and the shaking of the global economy, we also see several biblical prophecies being fulfilled. What have the prophets of old foretold about the times we live in, and how do we ready ourselves for the days ahead? God is…
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The Generation Taught By God

We were designed to live in an intimate relationship with God, walking in His wisdom and instruction. The Fall thwarted this design and caused us to be acquainted with a life built on our own reasoning and knowledge. But God is re-training us to live by revelation. Are you poised…
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Money, Debt And The End-Times Series

Money is spiritual, and requires just as much spiritual wisdom from God in its management as any other facet of our lives. Many have been destroyed by this tool -- and in fact, debt will be one of the primary weapons of the anti-Christ in the end-times. In this series,…
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