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Thriving By The Word Series

When the Israelites wandered the wilderness for 40 years, they knew they weren't living out God's best for them. But before they could walk into their destiny, they realized that they had to change their hearts and minds. Likewise, we too must change if we want to experience the fullness…
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Partnership With God

Sometimes Christians have this idea that serving God means surrendering our wills completely and obeying His commands without question. While this has some truth to it, what God desires is far more than just blind obedience. We are called to be friends of God who know His heart and partner…
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The Power Of Testimony

When we share our testimonies, we bear witness to the reality and character of God, which is absolute goodness. The simple act of giving thanks for what God has done in our lives is powerful because it creates the conditions for the same miracle to happen again in those hearing…
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Living The Abundant Life

The moment God created man, He placed us in an environment of abundance: the Garden of Eden. But when sin came in, so did lack and toil. Jesus came not only to restore us to that original life of abundance, but He also raised us up with Him -- and…
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Jesus The Good Shepherd Series

What does it mean that the Lord is our Shepherd? The concept of Christ as the Shepherd and we as the sheep who knows and love Him is one of the most beautiful analogy in the Bible describing our relationship with God.  This series unpacks the richness of the well-known Psalm 23.…
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Living By His Voice Series

Just as the Israelites in the desert needed to gather fresh manna every day, we need God’s word spoken over us daily. Through the Holy Spirit living in us, God speaks, giving us instruction and guiding us into the life that God has prepared for us. This series is full…
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Matters Of The Heart Series

In Proverbs, we are counselled to guard our hearts above all else, for from the heart is the source of life. Our hearts reveal our true characters, and are incubators for both good and evil thoughts. The battle for our hearts is real: this is a fight between belief and…
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The Priestly Blessing

In Numbers 6, God instructed Aaron to use his priestly authority to bless the Israelites. The subsequent verses, now termed the "Aaronic Blessing," are filled with rich revelations of the Father's love for us and our relationship with Him. Come and unpack the treasures in each line of the Aaronic…
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