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The Blessedness of Thankfulness

Jesus lived a lifestyle of giving thanks, and it released Heaven on the earth. Thankfulness pleases God and attracts His blessings. It also brings us into the presence of God, releasing the miraculous in our lives. And what we give thanks for, God multiplies! How do we create a culture…
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Prayer Altars

During the AIDS epidemic in Uganda in the 1980s, God spoke to a man named John Mulinde, calling him to spark a prayer movement that turned the nation around. By the 1990s, the rate of HIV infections had dropped dramatically. In Taiwan, a similar prayer movement broke out in 2005,…
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Honour Your Father And Mother

God calls us to honour our parents, that it may go well with us and that we may live long in the land He has given us. As the primary authority figures in our lives, our parents carry a measure of God's glory. Let's take a close-up look at the…
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Return To First Love

When we lose our love and affection for God and things of God, we have left our first love. God desires for us to come back -- but how do we return to our first love? We do so by remembering God and His manifold goodness in our lives, and…
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Thriving In The Year Of Jubilee

According to the decree God gave to the Israelites, every 50th year was to be a year of Jubilee. This decree is still relevant to us today, and honouring it brings great blessings. Using Singapore's 50th year of independence as an example, let us discover the principles underlying the year…
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The Ultimate Pleasure

"For from you are all things, and to you are all things; You deserve the glory." What does it mean that from Him and through Him and for Him are all things? Many people go through their entire lives without truly grasping why they exist. The divine purpose God has…
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A People Of His Presence

Man has been designed by God to contain His presence, and spill Jesus everywhere we go.  It is how His Kingdom is extended through us throughout the earth.  What does it mean to be carriers of His presence and couriers of His glory?
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Union With Christ Series

We are fundamentally designed to be united with Christ: the Christian life is a natural outward expression of this inner reality. We are most utilised when Christ is most actualised in us. Everything flows from our relationship with God. We must learn how to allow Jesus to express Himself through…
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Remember His Goodness

Though we habitually forget it, the Lord regularly blankets our paths with promises, counsel, provision and promotion. Actively recalling His goodness fills our hearts with gratitude, in turn blessing His heart!
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Seedtime & Harvest Time Series

The very first work that God gave to Man was to cultivate and keep the Garden. From this, we learn an important principle: God's blessing upon our lives hinges on our readiness and ability to steward it. In this series, learn about a fundamental spiritual principle and how we may…
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The Spirit Of Excellence Series

Excellence reflects God's divine nature. It is for this very reason that we desire and appreciate excellence. This same spirit of excellence is also the key to experiencing God's will in every area of our lives. In this 2-part series, learn about an essential element that empowers us to host…
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