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Living in the Kingdom

What is the Kingdom? Since this Kingdom is the central theme of all of Jesus's preaching and teaching, it's vital that we understand what it is and the mandate that comes with it. Learn about what the Kingdom of God looks like and what His will for us is.
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Singapore, the Antioch of Asia

In 1978, the late Billy Graham prophesied that Singapore is called to be the Antioch of Asia. God has promised that He will be with us always and the power of the gospel will be demonstrated when we obey and go. Have we been living true to this mandate? But…
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The Antioch Mandate Series

In the Book of Acts, Jesus instructed the disciples to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. Yet the early disciples seemed to encounter many barriers to fulfilling this command, and it took a Gentile church to break these barriers. Taking the Antioch church…
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Pentecost And The Kingdom Of God

Jesus Christ did everything on the Earth as a man full of the Holy Spirit, to be an example for us. Pentecost Sunday is a celebration of the day the disciples were supernaturally empowered to carry the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world. Join us today as we draw vital connections…
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The Centrifugal Living In The Kingdom

Man was created with an outward orientation to advance God’sKingdom, but the Fall caused man to become inward-focused, self-centred and selfish. As we know Christ and experience His healing and restoration, our focus should increasingly align with God’s heart to want to extend His love, healing and restoration to others.
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Take Back The Kingdom

As children of God’s Kingdom, we were made to live by revelation received from the Spirit. Such revelation attained from the knowledge of God, is superior to the world’s system. We are to seek for revelation of how to operate in kingdom reality. It is when we lay hold of…
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Kingdom Shifts

God is shaking the heaven and the earth in this hour to set His people up to inherit “a kingdom that cannot be shaken” (Hebrews 12:26). The house of God must embrace these kingdom shifts as we co-labour with God in extending His reign on earth, just as it is…
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Understanding The Kingdom

Jesus came to make us citizens, not Christians! As citizens of God's Kingdom, our grand assignment is to colonise the earth with the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the primary project of the Kingdom. To succeed, we must know our roles, rights and responsibilities as Kingdom citizens.
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The Kingdom On The Seven Mountains Series

We have the call to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and to establish God's government on the earth. The instrument of His government is the ekklesia, the Church. How can we bring His Kingdom into the key spheres of influence on earth -- including  our homes, work places, society…
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Appointed And Anointed

The Kingdom of God was not meant to be a spiritual concept but a physical manifestation of Heaven’s culture -- a culture which releases restoration unto all creation. As ambassadors of His Kingdom, He has chosen and appointed us to go forth and bear fruit that will last. Let's discover…
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The Church Awakens

The times are changing rapidly. We can no longer do church the way we've been doing it; our concept of what Church means has to evolve. This message exhorts us to re-examine the way we do church, even as we prepare for the coming outpouring of revival.
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Partnership With God

Sometimes Christians have this idea that serving God means surrendering our wills completely and obeying His commands without question. While this has some truth to it, what God desires is far more than just blind obedience. We are called to be friends of God who know His heart and partner…
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