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Sermon Tag deliverance

Jesus is The Healer

We were designed to live in divine health and wholeness. Sadly, with the entrance of sin, many suffer from sicknesses and diseases. The good news is that not a single area of human brokenness -- not even a broken heart -- is out of the reach of Jesus's compassion and…
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The Snake On The Pole

If we examine the Israelites' experience in the desert with the bronze serpent, we discover nine profound truths applicable to our lives. Explore these truths which symbolises Jesus' death on the Cross, bringing salvation to mankind. Understand why faith is the “currency” that reconciles mankind back to their Maker.
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Freedom From Shame

Shame tells us that there is something deeply wrong with us, causing us to hide and mask ourselves lest others expose and reject us. God wants to break this tiring and vicious cycle of shame, fear and control.
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Live In The Light

God is in the business of deliverance, bringing people from darkness into light, death to life, and bondage into freedom. But it doesn't just stop at the day we received Him into our lives -- there is so much more. How might we experience this continued deliverance? We must learn…
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