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Living in the Kingdom

What is the Kingdom? Since this Kingdom is the central theme of all of Jesus's preaching and teaching, it's vital that we understand what it is and the mandate that comes with it. Learn about what the Kingdom of God looks like and what His will for us is.
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The Ministry of Reconciliation

Sin is the one barrier that divides man and God, and Jesus came to bridge that gap through the cross. As ambassadors of Christ, we as children of God carry the responsibility to preach the Gospel -- to undertake the ministry of reconciliation and bridge the broken relationship between God…
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The Blessedness of Thankfulness

Jesus lived a lifestyle of giving thanks, and it released Heaven on the earth. Thankfulness pleases God and attracts His blessings. It also brings us into the presence of God, releasing the miraculous in our lives. And what we give thanks for, God multiplies! How do we create a culture…
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Love Looks Like Jesus

Jesus is love personified. When we love the way Jesus does, the world can't help but sit up and take notice. Let us seek a greater revelation of His love -- that we may yield to Him and allow Him to love others through us.
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Angels, Our Kingdom Co-labourers Series

Biblical history tells us that with every significant shift in season, God sent angels to work alongside us and help us. As we move into the age of His kingdom reign, there'll be an exponential increase in angelic activity. But having this assistance also means we have a vital role…
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The Role Of The Father

Fathers, open up the gates to your children's hearts! This message reminds dads of their three Biblical leadership roles. Learn five practical tools for expressing love, and be encouraged to grow in loving and leading your families well.
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Living By Revelation Knowledge

God created Man and put him in the Garden of Eden, where He had planted 2 trees: the Tree of Life and the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. They represented choice given to Man to live by human reasoning or by revelatory knowledge. It is the same…
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A Matter Of Honour

After the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father, hundreds of thousands of people turned up to pay their final respects at the Parliament House. They felt compelled to do so, in light of everything that he did for the country. But what does it mean to pay respects,…
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On Earth As It Is In Heaven Series

Prayer was the hallmark of Jesus' life, the secret to everything He accomplished. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them only one thing -- to pray! In Part 1 of this series, Rev John exhorts us to shake off complacency and begin to steward the power of prayer. In Part…
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The Ultimate Pleasure

"For from you are all things, and to you are all things; You deserve the glory." What does it mean that from Him and through Him and for Him are all things? Many people go through their entire lives without truly grasping why they exist. The divine purpose God has…
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Walk In The Light

It takes holy guts to stand for truth and do what is right, especially as darkness and deception escalate. We must decide if we will participate in darkness or not. It can be a painful decision, but walking in the light puts us in the zone of God's protection and…
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Overcome Evil With Good

Any departure from God is a departure from goodness. Evil exists when Man cannot define nor express goodness, because he has walked away from the Person that is Goodness. The good news is that darkness is fragile - we only need to turn on the light. We do so by…
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