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A Deeper Knowledge of God

Having an intimate knowledge of God is the peak of human pleasure. This is what we were designed for from the beginning. Sadly, it's all too easy to lose sight of this and get caught up in the other pursuits of life. Let's get back to our core purpose: an…
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The Centrifugal Living In The Kingdom

Man was created with an outward orientation to advance God’sKingdom, but the Fall caused man to become inward-focused, self-centred and selfish. As we know Christ and experience His healing and restoration, our focus should increasingly align with God’s heart to want to extend His love, healing and restoration to others.
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Do You See The Kingdom

We experience a truth to the degree of our revelation of it. This is why Jesus spoke of seeing the Kingdom of God. God created us to thrive in His Kingdom even while we live on earth. Revelation - truth and understanding - is the key to opening up and…
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Kingdom Strategies For Changing Times

Turbulent times are ahead, and the only way for us to thrive is to know what God is doing and what our role is. Kingdom reality is always superior to the natural circumstances we see around us, and crises are simply opportunities for us to realign our thinking to His…
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Sonship And Servanthood

We've all been given the ministry of reconciliation. However, we sometimes rush into serving God without understanding our sonship in Him. The truth is that before He made us ambassadors of Christ, He made us sons of God. To the degree that we experience this sonship, we are empowered to…
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The God Of Generations

Spiritual maturity is, in short, the result of an experiential revelation of the fullness of God. But maturity is not an end in itself; it is for a purpose. God is the God of generations, and it is His heart that we grow up, become mature, and in turn become…
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Living The Abundant Life

The moment God created man, He placed us in an environment of abundance: the Garden of Eden. But when sin came in, so did lack and toil. Jesus came not only to restore us to that original life of abundance, but He also raised us up with Him -- and…
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Rediscover Grace

Is grace only unmerited favour? Or is there more? Rev John shows us a more complete picture of grace from how God parented Adam and how we naturally parent our children. Having an accurate understanding of grace will set us up for a thriving Christian life.
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The Life Of Conquest

We are to live life constantly growing and advancing in our Promised Land: this is the life that God has designed us to thrive in. It is God's design for us as more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.
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Jesus Be The Center

Continuing on the story of Samson for the End-Time Church, we draw out more lessons for the Bride of Christ. Sacrificial love will be the hallmark as she pulls out of compromise to triumph in her final moments.
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Religion Or Relationship

The story of Abraham and Lot is one that depicts the difference between a genuine relationship with God versus one that merely subscribes to good Christian values. A life rightly focused on the Person of Christ will naturally emanate His good works.
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Divine Transitions Series

Key seasons of our lives - natural, spiritual, personal and corporate -- are marked by transitions. The experience of the nation of Israel leaving Egypt and crossing into their promised land holds powerful lessons for us in how to identify and navigate transitional seasons well, making good decisions and positioning…
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