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Religion Or Relationship

The story of Abraham and Lot is one that depicts the difference between a genuine relationship with God versus one that merely subscribes to good Christian values. A life rightly focused on the Person of Christ will naturally emanate His good works.
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Good Is A Person

When Adam and Eve distrusted the goodness of God in the garden of Eden, it brought devastating results to Creation. But no more do we have to suffer from its effects, for now we shall witness the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Good is a…
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Justification And Sanctification Series

Through Christ's life and death, the power of sin was broken and the penalty borne on our behalf. Now, we've been justified and considered righteous in Christ. Yet there is another element to His work of salvation in our hearts: the process of sanctification, in which the Holy Spirit works…
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Supernatural Christianity Series

The dawn of the Church was marked by signs and wonders. As the followers of Christ gathered, miracle after miracle was manifested in their midst, drawing more and more people in to experience the goodness of God in supernatural ways. This same lifestyle is available to us today, and in…
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Come Away With Me

The first and second commandments are in that order for a reason: intimacy with God must always precede activity for God. Sadly, many Christians today are too preoccupied being busy for Him, at the expense of being with Him. We must learn to guard our time with the Father zealously,…
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