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Missional Community

The fastest-growing 'congregation' of Christians is unchurched. This is both a significant problem and opportunity. The future of the church is inorganic, effective gatherings of believers who are committed to practice loving God and people.
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Love Looks Like Jesus

Jesus is love personified. When we love the way Jesus does, the world can't help but sit up and take notice. Let us seek a greater revelation of His love -- that we may yield to Him and allow Him to love others through us.
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A Deeper Knowledge of God

Having an intimate knowledge of God is the peak of human pleasure. This is what we were designed for from the beginning. Sadly, it's all too easy to lose sight of this and get caught up in the other pursuits of life. Let's get back to our core purpose: an…
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The Constitution Of The Kingdom

A major characteristic of God’s kingdom is its lawful nature: it is rule-based and not legalistic. In fact, God’s law is an expression of His love and protection, in which we thrive. The ultimate sign that we are Kingdom subjects is that we are living under God’s lawful reign, bringing…
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Rediscover The Kingdom

God is establishing His Kingdom that runs counter to the grain of this world – one in which the weak shame the strong and the foolish confound the wise. Rev John calls us to rediscover the paradoxical principles of the Kingdom and live out Kingdom life here on earth.
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Rediscover Church

Jesus did not come to make us moral; He came to make us lovers. Sadly, much of the Church has strayed from this focus and adopted religion in place of relationship. In preparation for the greatest harvest of souls in the end times, the body of Christ will have to…
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The Power Of Prayer Series

Jesus modelled a lifestyle of prayer built on intimate conversations between Him and His Father. Every word, miracle, and action we see in Jesus' life came out of His intimacy with God. Prayer is not about giving God information He does not have -- it is part of our training…
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Ministering To The Lord Series

As royal priests, our chief function is to serve the King. We were created for a love relationship with God, not a rote application of religious principles. Access to this sort of communion is not exclusive to a select few: we were all created to be friends of God, bringing…
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Living By His Voice Series

Just as the Israelites in the desert needed to gather fresh manna every day, we need God’s word spoken over us daily. Through the Holy Spirit living in us, God speaks, giving us instruction and guiding us into the life that God has prepared for us. This series is full…
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Jesus Be The Center

Continuing on the story of Samson for the End-Time Church, we draw out more lessons for the Bride of Christ. Sacrificial love will be the hallmark as she pulls out of compromise to triumph in her final moments.
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A People Of His Presence

Man has been designed by God to contain His presence, and spill Jesus everywhere we go.  It is how His Kingdom is extended through us throughout the earth.  What does it mean to be carriers of His presence and couriers of His glory?
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Union With Christ Series

We are fundamentally designed to be united with Christ: the Christian life is a natural outward expression of this inner reality. We are most utilised when Christ is most actualised in us. Everything flows from our relationship with God. We must learn how to allow Jesus to express Himself through…
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