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Empowered to Serve

We're about to see the greatest harvest of souls in the history of mankind. Of course, we're not passive viewers of this global stirring; rather, we're to actively partner with God in revealing His kingdom. Learn how servanthood is the key to demonstrating the reality of God to those around…
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The Advancing Kingdom

An inherent nature of God’s kingdom is perpetual expansion. It functions with the focus of advancement. Favour is always given for the expansion of His Kingdom. God has given us all the resources to advance His Kingdom, and He is faithful. When we go forth to share the Gospel, He will…
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The Kingdom On The Seven Mountains Series

We have the call to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and to establish God's government on the earth. The instrument of His government is the ekklesia, the Church. How can we bring His Kingdom into the key spheres of influence on earth -- including  our homes, work places, society…
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Rediscover The Kingdom

God is establishing His Kingdom that runs counter to the grain of this world – one in which the weak shame the strong and the foolish confound the wise. Rev John calls us to rediscover the paradoxical principles of the Kingdom and live out Kingdom life here on earth.
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Sonship And Servanthood

We've all been given the ministry of reconciliation. However, we sometimes rush into serving God without understanding our sonship in Him. The truth is that before He made us ambassadors of Christ, He made us sons of God. To the degree that we experience this sonship, we are empowered to…
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The Eleventh-Hour Workers

The parable of the workers in the vineyard seems offensive at first, but it actually reveals the generosity of God. In each of our hearts God has put a longing to serve in His Kingdom. Respond to God's calling on us to bring in the great harvest of souls as…
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Designed To Overflow

We were designed to overflow with God’s goodness, blessing the people around us. God's style is abundance with a purpose. If we aren’t looking beyond ourselves to give to others, we aren’t really experiencing the fullness of God, because it always leads to overflow. Let us always be poised to…
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Doing Church As A Family

Eph 1:5 tells us that through Jesus Christ we are now God's sons and daughters grafted into His family.  We cannot love Him if we do not love His family, the Church whom He had redeemed. But what does a healthy family look like? Rev John takes us through what…
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Doing Church As A Team

Jesus has given us the honour and privilege to participate in the preparation of the Church as His Bride. This entails us building and serving the Church together as a team. How are you bringing your unique and tangible expressions of work to your Church community?
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Come Away With Me

The first and second commandments are in that order for a reason: intimacy with God must always precede activity for God. Sadly, many Christians today are too preoccupied being busy for Him, at the expense of being with Him. We must learn to guard our time with the Father zealously,…
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The Glorious Church Series

What kind of Church does God want to build? If we think Church is a building or a ministry, then we will end up pouring our time and resources into something man-made. The truth is that we, as an assembly of redeemed people, are the Church - and it is the…
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