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Truly Free

Rev John exposes the lie of the enemy that seeks to undermine the true freedom that we have in Christ Jesus. As the bondage breaker, Jesus is the Truth and the Presence, and believers need to remain in both to stay free!
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The Decree Of The King

The primary way that a king exercises his authority is by issuing decrees: these must be obeyed throughout his entire domain, and are an extension of the king himself. This has deep implications for us as the children of God. As we unpack this concept using stories from the Old…
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Divine Transitions Series

Key seasons of our lives - natural, spiritual, personal and corporate -- are marked by transitions. The experience of the nation of Israel leaving Egypt and crossing into their promised land holds powerful lessons for us in how to identify and navigate transitional seasons well, making good decisions and positioning…
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Matters Of The Heart Series

In Proverbs, we are counselled to guard our hearts above all else, for from the heart is the source of life. Our hearts reveal our true characters, and are incubators for both good and evil thoughts. The battle for our hearts is real: this is a fight between belief and…
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God Our Vinedresser Series

In John 15, Jesus uses the analogy of God as a vinedresser to describe the way that He relates to us and works in our lives to mature us. This rich analogy reveals many facets of the character of God and debunks many misconceptions we may have about Him. God…
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The Lord Who Heals Series

In the exodus of several million Jews from Egypt on the night of the Passover, not a single person was sick, weak, or infirmed. This is a testament to the nature of God as Jehovah Rapha: the Lord who heals. In this series, learn how we can take hold of…
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Information Age and Revelation Era

Revelation is the offspring of intimacy. In the last days, God has given this generation an insatiable spiritual appetite for Him and His Kingdom, which will stand in stark contrast to the great darkness and deception that will envelop the rest of the world.
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The Generation Taught By God

We were designed to live in an intimate relationship with God, walking in His wisdom and instruction. The Fall thwarted this design and caused us to be acquainted with a life built on our own reasoning and knowledge. But God is re-training us to live by revelation. Are you poised…
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Gird Up For The Journey

Every revival has a unique emphasis on a facet of the Kingdom to be restored to the Church. The coming revival will be characterised by the presence of God. In preparation, we are to "gird up the loins of our minds" as the Apostle Peter exhorted us to, walking in…
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