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Soul Food For True Prosperity

A prosperous soul is one whose all three parts of soul – thoughts, emotions and will - are in alignment with God’s truths. The prosperity of our soul leads to prosperity in all other areas of our lives. And this prosperity comes from knowing God, and feeding our soul with…
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The Power of Testimonies Series

Testimonies are a relational, unintimidating way for us to share and others to hear about what God has done in our lives. These stories are powerful tools to help people believe in the reality of God- and paves the way for the miracle to occur yet again. In this 2-part…
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The Peace that Jesus Gives

True peace is not fleeting; it operates even in the middle of a storm. When we follow Jesus, He gives us a peace that'll reign even in the midst of trouble. However, we do have a role to play in this. Learn how to be led by peace as we…
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Thriving By The Word Series

When the Israelites wandered the wilderness for 40 years, they knew they weren't living out God's best for them. But before they could walk into their destiny, they realized that they had to change their hearts and minds. Likewise, we too must change if we want to experience the fullness…
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Living In The Promised Land

In the book of Joshua, we observe how the Israelites journey through the Jordan River into Canaan. Delving deep into their journey, this message draws out instruction and encouragement for us today, as we mature from living in bondage to living in freedom and victory in the Promised Land God…
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Accessing The King’s Resources

Poverty and prosperity is in our heart. There is no lack or deficit in God’s kingdom. We have received our inheritance and have access to God’s abundance resources. However, many are not walking in His kingdom as we have focused a lot on ourselves. How do we lead a supernatural…
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Operating In The Kingdom

Man was created to thrive not by principles but under the rule and reign of God, which is the Kingdom of God. He has given us everything we will ever need. We appropriate our inheritance by living in His presence and being led by the Spirit, thinking, speaking and acting…
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Living By Revelation Knowledge

God created Man and put him in the Garden of Eden, where He had planted 2 trees: the Tree of Life and the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. They represented choice given to Man to live by human reasoning or by revelatory knowledge. It is the same…
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Living The Abundant Life

The moment God created man, He placed us in an environment of abundance: the Garden of Eden. But when sin came in, so did lack and toil. Jesus came not only to restore us to that original life of abundance, but He also raised us up with Him -- and…
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Walk In The Light

It takes holy guts to stand for truth and do what is right, especially as darkness and deception escalate. We must decide if we will participate in darkness or not. It can be a painful decision, but walking in the light puts us in the zone of God's protection and…
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Living Godly In An Ungodly Age

The Bible calls us the salt of the earth. We are responsible to reveal the heart of God to our world. Unfortunately, Christians have done a good job of obscuring it. Our first call is to preach the Gospel with our whole lives, because the Gospel has the power to…
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