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Sermon Topic In His Presence

A Deeper Knowledge of God

Having an intimate knowledge of God is the peak of human pleasure. This is what we were designed for from the beginning. Sadly, it's all too easy to lose sight of this and get caught up in the other pursuits of life. Let's get back to our core purpose: an…
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Saved For Intimacy

Eternal life is not just for the future - we can have it now! The Christian life is about growing in our enjoyment of God, not growing in our ability to follow rules. We are saved for intimacy with Jesus, and that intimacy brings healing so we can have healthy…
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God, Just Once More!

The story of Samson illustrates the power that comes when the Spirit of God is upon us. It also parallels the letter written to the church of Laodicea mentioned in Revelation, and serves as a cautionary tale for the end-times Church. The lesson here: we must learn to keep our…
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A People Of His Presence

Man has been designed by God to contain His presence, and spill Jesus everywhere we go.  It is how His Kingdom is extended through us throughout the earth.  What does it mean to be carriers of His presence and couriers of His glory?
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The Atonement Series

"All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Fortunately, it doesn't end there! To make sure that His children could come home, our Father presented His Son as the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus became the "sacrifice of atonement," breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing back God's abundant…
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Appointments With God

"I look forward to every appointment you make with Me." Imagine the Creator of the universe saying this to you! Yet this is exactly what He feels. God pursues us relentlessly, inviting us to come and be with Him. Would you respond to Him today?
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The Culture Of Honour

Revival is coming. In preparation, we must understand the kind of culture that would invite the outpouring of His Spirit, and how we might develop such a culture in our midst. Learn about the elements and practices of the Culture of Honour in which God's manifest presence may dwell.
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Come And Have Breakfast

In John 21, we see that after the crucifixion and burial of Jesus, the disciples were in a mess. Their instinct was to return to their former lives as fishermen, but they caught nothing that night. The next morning, Jesus appeared to them -- except they did not recognise Him.…
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Come Away With Me

The first and second commandments are in that order for a reason: intimacy with God must always precede activity for God. Sadly, many Christians today are too preoccupied being busy for Him, at the expense of being with Him. We must learn to guard our time with the Father zealously,…
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