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Sermon Topic Israel & Jewish Feasts

The Kingdom Agenda Series

There is no vacuum in the spirit: whatever is not part of God's kingdom is subject to the influence of the enemy. For all of creation to be restored, we must bring every part of earthly society back into alignment with the kingdom of heaven. Learn about the vital role…
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Your Kingdom Come Series

We are living in turbulent times where God wants to enforce His unshakeable and powerful Kingdom. The restoration of His kingdom is first spiritual, then natural. How much we know about God's Kingdom determines how powerful and effective our prayers are, and how we can live true to our Kingdom…
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Thriving In The Year Of Jubilee

According to the decree God gave to the Israelites, every 50th year was to be a year of Jubilee. This decree is still relevant to us today, and honouring it brings great blessings. Using Singapore's 50th year of independence as an example, let us discover the principles underlying the year…
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A People Of His Presence

Man has been designed by God to contain His presence, and spill Jesus everywhere we go.  It is how His Kingdom is extended through us throughout the earth.  What does it mean to be carriers of His presence and couriers of His glory?
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The Atonement Series

"All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Fortunately, it doesn't end there! To make sure that His children could come home, our Father presented His Son as the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus became the "sacrifice of atonement," breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing back God's abundant…
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The Feast Of Tabernacles

Instituted by God, the Feasts of Israel point to the redemptive work of Christ. The Feast of Tabernacles is the grandest of the three pilgrimage festivals, marking God's provision and presence with His people.
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The Jewish Roots Of The Church

Only when the Jews rejected their Messiah was salvation offered to the rest of the world: the Gentiles. Yet God always intended for the Church to be the catalyst to stir Israel into jealousy to come to the knowledge of their Messiah.
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The Passover For His Chosen People

Scattered throughout the earth, the Jews still maintain certain traditions of their own: namely, the feasts God instituted as divine appointments with them. While these feasts were originally given to Israel, we would also benefit from understanding His heart behind them.
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Appointments With God

"I look forward to every appointment you make with Me." Imagine the Creator of the universe saying this to you! Yet this is exactly what He feels. God pursues us relentlessly, inviting us to come and be with Him. Would you respond to Him today?
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The Judgment Seat Of Christ

When we think of the judgment seat of Christ, we often associate it with punishment for our sins. Yet this is not at all the original intended meaning; rather, the judgment seat of Christ is the place from which God rewards those who believe in Him. Discover the basis on…
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The Feasts Of Israel Series

Passover. Feast of Unleavened Bread. Feast of First Fruits. What do all these Jewish feasts mean, and do they hold relevance for us today? Each of the feasts God instituted for Israel foreshadows things to come, and each signifies a foundational truth for us as believers. We are to understand…
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