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Sermon Topic Pursuing Jesus

The Peace that Jesus Gives

True peace is not fleeting; it operates even in the middle of a storm. When we follow Jesus, He gives us a peace that'll reign even in the midst of trouble. However, we do have a role to play in this. Learn how to be led by peace as we…
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Love Looks Like Jesus

Jesus is love personified. When we love the way Jesus does, the world can't help but sit up and take notice. Let us seek a greater revelation of His love -- that we may yield to Him and allow Him to love others through us.
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Jesus The Resurrected King

The Resurrection was not just an event that happened at a moment of time in history. Our declaration that "Christ is Risen" does not just refer to that moment of time where Jesus came back to life. Instead, this declaration reveals a new daily reality that we can walk in…
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The Ultimate Pleasure

"For from you are all things, and to you are all things; You deserve the glory." What does it mean that from Him and through Him and for Him are all things? Many people go through their entire lives without truly grasping why they exist. The divine purpose God has…
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The Decree Of The King

The primary way that a king exercises his authority is by issuing decrees: these must be obeyed throughout his entire domain, and are an extension of the king himself. This has deep implications for us as the children of God. As we unpack this concept using stories from the Old…
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Jesus The Good Shepherd Series

What does it mean that the Lord is our Shepherd? The concept of Christ as the Shepherd and we as the sheep who knows and love Him is one of the most beautiful analogy in the Bible describing our relationship with God.  This series unpacks the richness of the well-known Psalm 23.…
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There Is More!

We often stop short of God’s best and think that our present comfort zone is the destination rather than a stage of the journey. God has nothing less than the glory of His Kingdom for us to experience and express in our lives. Just as unbelief kept Israel wandering in…
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Jesus Be The Center

Continuing on the story of Samson for the End-Time Church, we draw out more lessons for the Bride of Christ. Sacrificial love will be the hallmark as she pulls out of compromise to triumph in her final moments.
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Religion Or Relationship

The story of Abraham and Lot is one that depicts the difference between a genuine relationship with God versus one that merely subscribes to good Christian values. A life rightly focused on the Person of Christ will naturally emanate His good works.
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Remember His Goodness

Though we habitually forget it, the Lord regularly blankets our paths with promises, counsel, provision and promotion. Actively recalling His goodness fills our hearts with gratitude, in turn blessing His heart!
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Made For Pleasure

We were created for His pleasure. It's been an age-old trick of Satan to pervert what God created and turn it into something that displaces the affection of God in our lives, but the truth remains: what God created, He deemed good. The question is: what sort of pleasures drive…
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The Judgment Seat Of Christ

When we think of the judgment seat of Christ, we often associate it with punishment for our sins. Yet this is not at all the original intended meaning; rather, the judgment seat of Christ is the place from which God rewards those who believe in Him. Discover the basis on…
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