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Sermon Topic The Good News!

Immanuel – God with Us

In Him, we live and move and exist. We were designed to be connected with God, and we thrive in His presence. The flip side of that is that when we're disconnected from Him in any area of our lives, we see the devastating effects of sin. But the Father…
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The Star Search

We may be familiar with the biblical story of the Three Wise Men and their search for infant Jesus. The parallel to the story from two thousand years ago is that God is on a search for the hearts of men, having initiated reconciliation with Man through sending His Son…
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The Cross Changes Everything

We were designed for an abundant life with our Father in the Garden of Eden. With the entrance of sin, we were suddenly wrenched from His heart, and along with it came depravity, diseases, and every human pain and misery. Grieved, God sent His only begotten Son, who would give…
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The Hope Of Christmas

When we encounter Jesus, hope is birthed in us. This hope is what empowers even people on their deathbeds to contend for divine healing. Christmas reminds us that Jesus came to restore us fully into the hope that God has for each one of us. This holiday season, let us…
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The Value Of A Soul

What gives us value? Is it our wealth or our intelligence? Is it our job titles or our ability to minister to people? The value of the human soul is based on one simple yet profound concept: that we are His, and that we have a bond with Him that…
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Set Free To Live

Freedom--the ideal for which every person strives--is a gift offered by a loving Heavenly Father. We do not have to live with pain and fear as our default realities. Freedom is the starting place for the highest level of being alive--eternal life in God. This precious gift is waiting to…
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A Son Is Given

What kind of love would it take for us to give away our own children for someone else? We dive into Isaiah 9:6 to uncover the incredible and rich gift God gave us in His Son Jesus.
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The Covenantal Love Of God

The story of David and Jonathan is a moving testament of covenantal friendship. But far more moving is David's search and care for Mephibosheth, Jonathan's son. What does Mephibosheth's story reveal about the Father's nature and love for us?
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